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Before you can help others, you need to take care of you! Have you ever flown on an airplane and listened to the steward explain the importance of putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others? Well, the same rules apply in life. Before you can be a good parent, friend, co-worker and neighbor, you must first take care of YOU. Once you are in the position of being confident with who you are, satisfied with what you have, and happy with the life you are living, you will be able to become a difference maker to your family, friends, and the community around you.

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Build a Culture that Drives Personal and Professional Success.

Did you know that the wisest investment you can make for your company is in your people? This program is designed to train your leaders to become mentors, and your team to become motivated, productive, accountable, and proud of the company and customers they serve.

With this program your leaders and team will thrive both personally and professionally, building a culture of teamwork and job satisfaction.

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Make the World Beautiful, Beginning with YOU!

Salon Mastermind is a program designed to help you build a successful business and a purposeful lifestyle, one step at a time. As you begin your journey you will learn how to build a thriving business while living your life with passion and making a positive difference to your family, friends and community.

Not just another courseā€¦this is a proven formula for running a successful business in the beauty industry, while building the life you dream

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